HOTBOX-C1500 Asphalt Mixture Heating Incubator

Insulation transportation of freshly mixed hot material in mixing station, heating and insulation of cold material of finished asphalt mixture.

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Versatile and easy to operate


Precise temperature control


Three-layer heating and thermal insulation structure


Electric screw discharge is faster


Asphalt Mixture Heating Incubator

The equipment is a professional asphalt pavement pothole repairing equipment, which is mainly used for heat preservation and transportation of freshly mixed hot material in mixing stations, heating and heat preservation of finished asphalt mixture cold material (no need to rely on asphalt mixing station), and repairing potholes in asphalt pavement. Provide sufficient hot asphalt mixture in time to ensure that the mixture is always in a constant temperature state during long-term and long-distance repair operations to ensure the quality of repair.







• Versatile and easy to operate

The equipment can realize the heating, thermal insulation and transportation of hot asphalt mixture, which is simple, convenient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

• Better thermal insulation

It has a three-layer heating and thermal insulation structure, with a heat-conducting oil layer inside, a hot air layer in the middle, and a thermal insulation layer outside, which minimizes the temperature loss of the mixture.

• Heating temperature control is more precise

Through indirect heating with heat transfer oil, the temperature control system accurately controls the temperature, effectively preventing the overheating of the mixture during the heating process.

• Intelligent heating system

It can be connected to an external power supply, and the equipment has the function of reservation heating, which can be set in advance according to actual needs, and the heating will start automatically to ensure that the construction personnel arrange the time reasonably.


• Stable and efficient burner

Diesel burner adopts imported brand RIELLO to ensure more stable operation and higher heating efficiency.

• Powerful, durable and stable

The equipment uses high-performance generator set to provide power to the whole equipment (220/380V), so that the equipment has a continuous power input, strong power generator set, stable voltage and power output, while Low engine fuel consumption. The equipment has a long service life and lower cost.

• Easy and fast discharging

The equipment adopts electric screw discharge, which makes the discharge faster, avoids the material temperature dropping too much due to the slow discharge, and also reduces the labor intensity of the workers.

• It is more convenient to open and close the material door

The opening and closing of the material door of the equipment is driven by an electric push rod, which is controlled on the control panel, and the operation is convenient and fast.


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