The heat regeneration maintenance vehicle serves the Jiangxi expressway system!



1) The damaged road is cut and broken, and the waste materials are recycled into the maintenance vehicle for heating and regeneration;

The thermal regeneration comprehensive maintenance vehicle has the functions of: controllable heating temperature, controllable heating time, controllable amount of regeneration additives, and recovery and purification of smoke and dust generated by heating;


2) The heated and regenerated asphalt mixture is discharged into the repair pit for leveling, and the temperature difference between the front and back does not exceed 5 degrees Celsius, and the material has no segregation phenomenon;


3) When the temperature drops to about 110 degrees Celsius, it can be compacted;


4) After the compaction process is completed, use the seam tape to perform secondary sealing treatment on the repaired road joints.

The use of thermal regeneration comprehensive maintenance vehicle for quick repair of potholes not only has full functions, low cost and long service life, but also provides a strong equipment guarantee for the green maintenance advocated by the state!

The company’s main products are new maintenance equipment and maintenance materials such as thermal regeneration repair series, crack-free repair series, hedge trimming series, road safety anti-collision series, etc. The products serve China, the United States, Greece, Thailand, Turkey and other countries.
EROMEI adheres to independent innovation as the core, continuously absorbs international advanced R&D concepts and manufacturing technologies, and has carried out extensive and comprehensive cooperation with well-known domestic institutions and R&D units such as South China University of Technology and Hunan University. , Italian Feiyue Company is a long-term partner of Yilumei overseas technology.

Post time: Feb-03-2020